PRESENTERS = IP Owners / Owners of selections and cultivars presenting the selections and / or cultivars at the Provar Tasting events

PARTICIPANTS = Tasters and any individuals that participate in any of the Provar Tasting events

REPORT = Results from Tasting events after events have taken place in the form of calculated means and standard deviations from collected data.

USER = The user of the Taste Lab App and can include PRESENTERS and PARTICIPANTS


Provar grants you as USER non-exclusive, non-transferable limited usage of the Taste Lab App. You as USER agrees not to infringe Provar intellectual property and you will comply with the Terms and Conditions stated here as PRESENTER and / or PARTICIPANT to the Provar Tasting events.


PROVAR cannot be responsible for the information submitted by the PARTICIPANTS and we will not be checking their input data. PROVAR accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of any information and data entered into or created using the Taste Lab App.


Provar manages the raw data from participants with now alterations and only apply this raw data as we received it via their inputs for calculating means for each parameter and for each selection and / or cultivar and representing the results of the raw data in the form of a REPORT after the event has taken place.


Data entered by participants on the Taste Lab App platform is solely owned by Provar.

IP and COPYRIGHT of PROVAR Taste Lab App and documents

You agree not to try to duplicate, copy or steal anything Provar has created. Materials on and relating to PROVAR, including the content of PROVAR and any software downloaded from PROVAR, are protected by copyright, trade-mark and other intellectual property laws. Subject to your ownership of your user content and data, PROVAR reserves all rights in and to such materials. The subscriber will not make store, download, transfer, sell, reproduce, redistribute, transfer to any other server, modify, reverse engineer or copy the Services or any of the materials or software or any part of PROVAR or any content therefrom without PROVAR's express written consent. You will also take all reasonable steps to forestall any unauthorized use, copying or transfer of materials on or relating to PROVAR. You agree not to infringe on Provar’s copyrights.